Artist, Nicole Buffett makes Novelitas. You may ask yourself, “What is a Novelita?” A Novelita is a 1x1 inch hand bound, hand painted miniature book. All Novelitas are made with brown packing paper, ink, paint and needle and thread. Most Novelitas range from about 4-7 pages in length. The subject matter ranges from donuts to birds to ships to nautical knots. Most of the content in the pages of a Novelita are primarily pictorial. They are generally a collection of, or a kind of study of things. Nicole has made over 100 Novelitas and counting.
In 2010, Nicole was asked to create an installation based on her Novelitas for EVER GOLD GALLERY in San Francisco. For that exhibit, Nicole created and all encompassing environment for her Novelitas called, VIVA NOVELITA. The installation included a projected short film of her hands turning the pages to her Novelitas, customized Novelita wallpaper, custom designed Novelita shelf units that wrapped the entire room and 100 alphabetized Novelitas upon the shelf. Since then, Nicole has created 4 other Novelita installations, each one being customized and in response to the feeling and specifics of the space. Nicole currently has a permanent Novelita installation at her boutique in Oakland, Piper And John General Goods.